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Motorcycle parked outside the El Kactus Hotel, Argentina

Lonely Road South America E04: Whatever You Do, Don't Look Down


Lonely Road Season 02, South America Episode 04 - WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T LOOK DOWN

Lonely Road heads to South America for a 25,000km epic adventure through Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia on a KTM 890 Adventure. Episode 4 and it's Chile in the rearview mirror as I cross into Peru. It's a ride up the sun-drenched, but sandy Pacific coast, before swinging inland to the second-largest city, Arequipa. From there, I'm straight up the mountain to almost 5,000m on one of the world's highest paved roads, before swinging through the picturesque Colca Valley and ultimately back down to down to the coast.

All footage is original.

A Perfect Moment - Josh Kramer /
Wild Side - Friggin Foxes /
Angel Eyes (Instrumental) - Amick Cutler /
Seeing You - Marshall Usinger (Instrumental) /
I'll Be There For You - HARBRS /
Revolution (feat. Hattie James) (Instrumental) - Leroy Wild /
A Kiss - Amick Cutler /
We'll Be Alright - Gabrielle Grace /
January (Instrumental) - Beren /
Heder (Instrumental) - Digital Moss /
Devil's Got No Hold - Harbor & Home /
Before I Go - Kevin Bean /
620 (Instrumental) - Vico V | /

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